What the heck?
Heck Yeah!

How does the site work?
Magic Leprechauns and Jelly Beans power the site.

How do my seconds get added to my account? Do I have to refresh or hit submit somewhere?
Just sit there and let the site do all the work. Every 180 seconds your time will be submitted in the background. If you refresh or leave the page, your seconds also get submitted but be aware that some browsers do not support the submit on refresh feature.

So is this the total number of seconds of everyone to have ever viewed the site?
That's the idea. Crazy isn't it? Too crazy.

This is insane. I can't wrap my head around that number.
Time is a precious thing. Never waste it. -Gene Wilder

My seconds aren't adding up as fast as they should. What gives?.
Many users have set automatic refreshes using browser plugins like "Reload Every". If you are using one, disable it. A refresh could interrupt the page from submitting your hard earned seconds.

What happens when the seconds counter gets up to 12,147,483,647?
Stick around and find out.

Explain this whacky Ranking System.
When you are active for a period of 30 days or less, your account is active in the ranking system. If you do not add any seconds to the counter within 30 days, you are removed from the ranking. Once you add seconds after being idle for more than 30 days, you are put back in rank with the seconds your account has accrued. This may cause users in the Top 10 to rank down because of returning users.

I've seen some Active Users whose names are linked to a site, how do I link my username to my site?
Send a message to Admin. It's really simple. That's a PR4 backlink whenever you're logged in! Yeah, but I could choose not to do it, so don't get crazy if I don't. A link in return would be nice, but it's not necessary. Does improve your chances though.

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Ranking System

   First The Black Hole
   2nd-4th Time Waster
   5th-10th Bored Robot
   5-10% Robot
   10-25% Bored
   25-50% Resident
   50-75% Killing Time
   75-100% Pedestrian

The ranking system only contains users who are active within the last 30 days.